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Kangaroo Island, Australia

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Island Beehive

Hello and welcome to our world.

My name is Kim and I am previously of Brisbane, Queensland, I am the current owner of Casuarina Coastal Unit and my aim is to provide a friendly service and clean budget accommodation to all travellers.

Don't underestimate the time you'll need to see Kangaroo Island. It's about 155km east to west and varies from 2 Km to 45 Km north to south. Seeing the island properly is not a task for a day! As much of the wildlife, which is one of the main drawcards, is nocturnal we recommend that you stay at least 2 nights.

Most evenings we have Tammar Wallabies on my lawns and possums in the trees. An echidna visits occasionally. American River teems with birdlife including pelicans, black swans, robins, finches, blue wrens, cormorants, herons, sea eagles and of course the rare glossy black cockatoo which is also a frequent visitor to the town – a twitterer’s paradise.

Fishing is excellent here and fisher folk are well catered for as we provide a dedicated area for cleaning and a freezer to store your catch. Please let us know if you're bringing a boat so we can try to place you in a unit with boat parking immediately outside.

If you have any questions about the island, please free to email me. I am happy to help.


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